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Tom Herndon, Personal Chef

Chef Tom has worked side-by-side with a professional nutritionist for over 15 years. He provides a powerful value-add by preparing a week's worth of meals that work within specific diet plans.


His meals are delicious, allergen-friendly, organic, seasonal, and nutrient-dense. Each meal plan is customized to our clients' dietary requirements, with an emphasis on flavor, texture, and variety.  

Chef Tom can apply his highly-specialized skill set to your eating lifestyle.


He'll deliver right to your doorstep.No more feeling deprived by diet restrictions. No more planning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning up. 


An average cook-day includes three entrees and three side dishes. Each dish has six to eight servings. 


Let Chef Tom know what you need, he’ll make sure you have the healthiest choices.


Weekly meal plans start at $350 per cook date, plus groceries.

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Hipp Kitchen

Our Story

In 2007 Chef Tom, then owner of a personal chef business called Full Fridge, partnered with Willie Victor, Nutritionist and owner of Essentials for Health. Willie's primary job was to modify her client's diets to reduce inflammation, the principal cause of autoimmune diseases.


In many cases, that meant eliminating the most pernicious food allergies, such as gluten, dairy, shellfish, peanuts and soy. Clients undergo a comprehensive test to identify the food ingredients that cause the most inflammation in their body. There are no "silver bullet" diet plans, as each person's needs are unique. 

At the time, Chef Tom and Willie belonged to the same business group. She approached him with the idea of customizing recipes and cooking techniques to fit her clients' specific dietary needs. A
fter a successful year of happy clients, the two companies joined forces to create a third company.

Hippocrates of Kos, also known as Hippocrates II, was a Greek physician of the classical period, who is considered one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine. He is credited for saying, "Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food." 

Thus was born "Hippocrates' Kitchen."

After testing the name, we discovered that Hippocrates was not as well known as we thought. Chef Tom's husband, Dan, had stated earlier in the process. "Wouldn't it be cool to call it Hipp Kitchen?" Everyone agreed, so we changed the name to Hipp Kitchen. Our clients loved it.


We hired a clever graphics company to design our logo. 

With a nod to Hippocrates, the little man is wearing a toga and a wreath of laurel leaves. The colors are the colors found in a kitchen, copper and silver. The tag line is Chef Tom's homage to Jewish Grandmothers. 

Hipp Kitchen is still going strong. Still working in partnership with Essentials for Health. We've served hundreds of clients over the years. We have also expanded our services to include catering, event planning, even overseas food tours. 

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