Vote Winner: Döner Kebap

October 12, 2015

Vote Winner: Döner Kebap

Over too soon.

Took some doing but I found it. This is Chef Burat. Sawing away at his wonderful döner kebab. He wants to stop but I tell him to keep going. Then he points to me letting his friends know I am a chef from California who is making him famous on the internet. His glass of cay (chai) within reach.


2015-10-12 14.14.05

Ok this was way worth the walk. It takes two hours to build his döner kebap, layering slices of raw lamb and beef. Then he does what no other döner kebap chefs do, he places slices of green pepper and fresh tomatoes between the meat. Adds tons of moisture, extra flavor and makes for a beautiful presentation.

2015-10-12 13.42.50  2015-10-12 13.43.22

My version came on a toasted baguette roll. After he toasts the bread he smooshes it into the savory juices collected below. The meat is tender, the beef-lamb combo is brilliant, the veggies soft with a slight crunch of the peppers. I scarfed it in about six bites.


Of course some cay. Chef saw me writing so after I finished my first glass he sent me another one. He was so sweet and kind, happy to pose for the camera.

Thanks for voting. A most excellent choice.

Time for dessert. I think I will find the kunefe vendor who browns a shredded filo-cheese-pancake in a small round metal pan suspended over hot wood coals. When both sides are browned he drizzles the  hot cake in sweet syrup and powders it with pistachio.

Can I say oh.em.gee twice?

It’s a long walk and it was sunny and I was thirsty and I kept passing these enticing (fresh-squeezed) pomegranate juice vendors.  So I grabbed one.  A juice, not a vendor.


pom guy2

2015-10-12 14.40.39


One of THE best desserts ever.  Savory and sweet, crunchy and chewy, addictive as hell. Watch the video below and see how they do it. Little pans roasted over hot coals. You can see at the end how he spreads the bright green pistachio powder over the top.


2015-10-12 14.51.06


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