Paleo-Friendly Crispy Cantonese Chicken and Asian Fried Rice

After three sold-out “The Pleasures of Paleo” classes and preparing umpteen Paleo friendly dishes for my crew, I have learned (again) that simple is best and sticking with a particular flavor profile (in this case Asian), eating Paleo can be dee-licious. These two recipes were a hit this last week, particularly the Asian (cauliflower) Rice. […]

Recipe: Smoky Beef Chili and (killer) Paleo Corn Bread

Another winner at the Couchsurfing buffet! Beef chili and cornbread. Cool weather means something warm and homey on the table. What’s better than a steaming bowl of hearty beef chili and a big hunk of butter-slathered cornbread? A short history “Chili and cornbread were both economically viable food options for people in the American Southwest, […]

A few of my favorite things

February 21, 2017 My weekend morning routine has evolved into something really nice. Comforting. I get to take part in an old-fashioned, small-town, everyone knows everyone, neighborhoody experience even though I live in the big city. I absolutely love it. These are a few of my favorite things. I wake at 6, get showered and […]

French classic: Pommes Anna (potatoes Anna)

September 2, 2016 Pommes Anna is crispy potatoes outside, soft and creamy potatoes inside, this French classic makes a crowd-pleasing side dish. Served hot, warm, or at room temperature, it add s a bit of class to whatever you’re serving. This version happens to be AIP Paleo-friendly, too. Read its colorful history below. Ingredients: 3 lbs […]

Holiday Parties inspired by Spain

November 15, 2015 Holiday Parties inspired by Spain Chef Tom just returned from an extended adventure of discovery.  Much of his time was spent in Barcelona and San Sebastian. Now he’s back and would love to bring the amazing varieties of flavors and textures to you. We’re approaching the holidays and Chef Tom has TWO […]

Chef Tom’s BIG Adventure:
Food was SO good!

November 1, 2015 Chef Tom’s BIG Adventure: The food was SO good! Paris, Barcelona, San Sebastian and Istanbul. SPAIN I am back.  Thank you to those who participated in Chef Tom’s BIG Adventure and voted.  That was a blast.  I have to say, though, that Spain, especially San Sebastian, was my favorite part of the […]

Vote Winner: Döner Kebap

October 12, 2015 Vote Winner: Döner Kebap Over too soon. Took some doing but I found it. This is Chef Burat. Sawing away at his wonderful döner kebab. He wants to stop but I tell him to keep going. Then he points to me letting his friends know I am a chef from California who […]

Istanbul: The vote is in! Döner Kebap it is.

October 11, 2015 The vote is in! Döner Kebap it is. It was close with Balik Ekmek (Fish Bread) at 42% and Döner Kebap at 58%. The most famous Kebab in the world is the Döner kebab witch literally means “rotating Kebab” in Turkish. Before taking its modern form, the ancestor of the Döner was […]