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San Sebastian. What a beauty.

San Sebastian Flying into San Sebastian, a giant full moon guided us into a wide circle around the bay, the blue-gray water dotted with a hundred fishing boats. Climbing down off of the passenger stairway, the sun was just rising over Donostia, a dramatic sweep of clouds over the distant mountains painted shades of gold […]

Chef Tom’s BIG Adventure: Barcelona II

Chef Tom’s BIG Adventure: Barcelona II – VOTE NOW!  (voting is closed) NOTE: If you have tried to vote before and are getting an error message, I apologize.  Before you vote this time, try registering through the website (don’t worry, no spam) again with your current email. Market Day. Ever since I started researching Barcelona, […]

Bordeaux to Barcelona

Our next culinary adventure!

When we travel we actually do so three times; in our anticipation of going; when we are there; and – for years afterward – when we tell our stories.

As with all Hipp Kitchen offerings, this is Allergenista friendly, with tasty alternatives to gluten, dairy, soy, shellfish and peanuts.