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Cooking Class: The Pleasures of Paleo 4 – Spain


Saturday, June 24, 6pm-10pm, cookhouse

In The Pleasures of Paleo cooking series we’ll give you a taste, so to speak, of how pleasurable it can be to eat foods FREE of grain, dairy and refined sugar.

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Our first three "The Pleasures of Paleo" classes sold out! Our fourth class in "The Pleasures of Paleo" series will be adapted recipes of classic Spanish Tapas and Basque Pinxtos (peen-chos). "The Pleasures of Paleo 4: Spain" is Saturday, June 24, 2017! casa-pau-sidreria                     Basics: Join the class. On arrival, have some appetizers and listen to experts in the field of AIP Paleo. Split into teams. Meet new friends. Work in teams to prepare the dinner. Enjoy an amazing buffet style feast (see menu below). The Paleo Diet is simply eating like we used to for millennia as hunter-gatherers - before we invented farming and started eating grains, dairy and sugar. Our menu will be particularly friendly to the   AIP Paleo diet   It's pretty logical, actually. First of all, we've existed as a species at least 150,000 years. The agricultural revolution didn’t happen until 10,000 years ago. Therefore we had 140,000 years to thrive without eating grains (or else we wouldn’t be here). We only ate foods we could hunt or find (pick off a tree or a bush, dig up with a stick). Still a ton of choices: meats, fish, nuts, leafy greens, regional veggies and seeds. No dairy, because people didn't lug around a cow. No sugar because we got all of the sweetness we needed from fruits and vegetables.   The average Homo Sapien back then was tall, muscular, agile, athletic, and incredibly versatile. Today the average Homo Sapien is overweight, out of shape, stressed out, unhappy, sleep deprived and as a result, dying from a myriad of preventable diseases.   In The Pleasures of Paleo 4: Spain, we'll give you a taste, so to speak, of how wonderful it can be to eat foods FREE of grain, dairy and refined sugar. In other words, Paleo rocks!  

Our working menu:

Boccarones on Cucumber Chips (white anchovies)

Bacon-Wrapped Spiced Pumpkin

White Gazpacho

Monkfish, Bacon and Shrimp Brochettes in Garlic Butter

Albondigas with Garlic and Spinach (meatballs)

Cauliflower Rice Pilaf

Broccoli with Onions, Olives, Ham and Anchovies

Batatas Bravas (Sweet Potato, Smoky Nomato Sauce, Roasted Garlic Aioli)

Ensalada Seville

Fresh Fruit Frixuelo’s with Lemon-Vanilla Crema (Coconut Crepes)

Event Details

Date: 24 June 2017

Start time: 18:00

End time: 22:00

Venue: cookhouse - 253 Columbus, near Broadway, in San Francisco

Coordinates: 37° 47' 50.982" N 122° 24' 23.278" W

Directions: look for the red door to the left of Vesuvio Bar, with a small sign that says cookhouse

Phone: 4154206300

Email: cheftom@hippkitchen.com


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