Meals Services

Chef Tom Herndon Hipp Kitchen

Customized Meal Services

Personal Chef Services

Chef Tom will customize a week’s worth of food at a time to your specific dietary needs. He’ll cook meals every week, every other week or as schedules permit. Click HERE for more pricing and sample menu.

Aging in Place

Chef Tom provides a week’s worth of healthy, allergen-friendly meals that are completely customized to your loved one’s eating lifestyle. All of the shopping, cooking and delivery are done to making it easier to ensure ample and consistent nourishment.

Culinary Adventures

Team Building Cooking Events

Are you part of a work team? No better way to know, like and trust your teammates than to engage in a healthy challenge together. We like to call these events “team bonding” because that’s what happens. And there is no stronger method for team cohesion than having teammates bond by engaging in and overcoming a challenge together.

Hipp Kitchen offers a number of formats that are perfect team bondinging event. Click here for more information.

Cooking Classes

Chef Tom conducts exciting, hands-on cooking classes at various venues throughout the Bay Area. Learn to cook tasty recipes that are FREE of gluten, dairy, soy, shellfish and peanuts. Click HERE for more information.

Memories of a Lifetime

Romantic Dinner for Two

Thank You For Loving Me is an extraordinary dining experience; an intimate dinner for two prepared and served by Chef Tom in your own home.  Four courses, each course accompanied by a gently structured conversation that will bring you both even closer than you already are.  Click HERE for more information.

Overseas  Culinary Adventures

Ten Days to Tuscany, Floating Through Paradise, Chefs Cruise and Bordeaux to Barcelona. Tasting Cognac while in Cognac, lunching in St. Emilion, hunting for wild asparagus along the Canal du Midi, cooking classes in Siena, Florence, Paris and Narbonne. Two weeks of culinary adventures through some of the most beautiful country on the planet. Join Hipp Kitchen on our next oversees adventure!


Customized Recipe Conversions

What if your 20 favorite recipes were now safe to eat! Chef Tom will convert 20 or your favorite recipes to stay close to the textures and flavors you love the most and make meals delicious without those pesky allergens. Click HERE for more information.