To Market, To Market

To Market, To Market

Wow.  The vote was just about 50/50. Half wanted me to go to La Boqueria, the most famous open market in Barcelona.  The other half wanted me to experience a market frequented more by locals.

La Boqueria won by a pintxo. Take a look at the pictures below, and click here for a short video.

This is THE most popular market of the 36 open markets in Barcelona. It’s right on La Rambla, the busiest street in the city.

It’s been a big part of my research for the adventure. I was happy to find out what the buzz was all about.  If the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, in all its pristine, organic glory, is a blonde and beautiful California hipster foodie, La Boqueria is his tall, dark and handsome counterpart; more romantic, more worldly, with frayed collar and scuffed boots.  He’s the one you think about later with a guilty ache in your heart.

Thanks again for voting.  On to San Sebastian early tomorrow, for a few days, then Istanbul on the 5th. You’ll see two more voting opportunities from Istanbul. More posts and pics along the way, of course.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here are a few pics that represent only a taste of La Boqueria. Click on a pic to make it bigger. (sorry for the annoying wordpress labels)

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