Corporate Team-Bonding Events

Treasure Hunt and Cooking Class Hybrid

VIDEO: North Beach Foodie Hunt

Event Description: During this full-day cooking/hunt hybrid extravaganza, your team will spend the MORNING sleuthing out clues from our own Dr. Clue, in one of San Francisco’s most exotic and enticing neighborhoods: North Beach.  The city’s own Italian village.

And here’s the delicious twist: the clues all lead to traditional shops and markets in the area where you and your teammates will also be hunting for specific, local groceries: fruit, vegetables, cheese, etc.

After a morning of “solving the puzzles of teamwork”, you’ll exchange your Sherlock Holmes caps for aprons as Chef Tom Herndon, owner and Executive Chef of Hipp Kitchen, takes you on a team cooking adventure in our private North Beach kitchen.

Expect hands-on assistance from Chef Tom and his staff, lots of great team bonding content & facilitation, and a ton of FUN as you and your team create a multi-course Italian dinner together with the food you acquired during your morning treasure hunt. Everyone gets to enjoy a beautiful buffet-style Italian dinner together and celebrate the day’s adventures. There might even be a short movie shown during dessert of the teams’ escapades throughout the village.

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Cooking Classes

Hipp Kitchen’s Cooking Class format is the perfect team building event. We’ll split the team into smaller groups and give each group a recipe or two and for four hours everyone cooks together.

Then everyone gets to enjoy a big family-style meal.

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Fun, laughter, racing the clock and a shared victory!

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Bonus: Each member receives a PDF of all the recipes.