Lactose Intolerance

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Recipe: Smoky Beef Chili and (killer) Paleo Corn Bread

Another winner at the Couchsurfing buffet! Beef chili and cornbread. Cool weather means something warm and homey on the table. What’s better than a steaming bowl of hearty beef chili and a big hunk of butter-slathered cornbread? A short history “Chili and cornbread were both economically viable food options for people in the American Southwest, […]

Cooking Our Books: Back to Square One (August 29)

Saturday, August 29 is the third cooking event in our series called “Cooking Our Books.” Our favorite cookbook this time will be from one of the most inspiring chefs ever, Joyce Goldstein.  Back to Square One features recipes from her world-famous restaurant which was in San Francisco from 1984 until 1996. Chef Goldstein bravely explores […]

Cooking Our Books: Maximum Flavor

Saturday July 11 was the second in a series of three cooking events we’re lovingly referring to as “Cooking Our Books.”  Chef Stanley Lui and I are collaborating and featuring recipes from our favorite cookbooks. The first one was Jerusalem, by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi. One of the best meals ever! This last one […]

Heart Healthy Home Cooking

Recipes That Do Your Heart Good by Tom Herndon Salmon is an especially good food for our cardiovacsular systems, as it’s full of Omega-3, B6, B12, niacin, selenium, and magnesium. Four ounces of salmon provide  a full day’s requirement of vitamin D, one of the few foods that can make that claim. Plus, it’s a delicious […]

Cool Snacks for Hot Days

Frozen grapes, cool-as-a-cucumber water, choco-banana shakes   Frozen Grapes Serves 4 Take a nice big bunch of ripe grapes, given them a rinse, drain, and wrap them in a clean kitchen towel.  Place them in the freezer until the grapes get firm (couple of hours). They’re like little mini bites of fruit sorbet. —————————————————– Cool-As-A-Cucumber […]