Chef Tom and the Allergenista Universe

My name is Tom Herndon and I’m the owner and Executive Chef of Hipp Kitchen. I love providing people with abundant, flavorful food and I’m dedicated to giving people with food restrictions the kind of meals they never thought they could have.

The name and logo for Hipp Kitchen are a nod to Hippocrates, the ancient Greek philosopher known as the Father of Medicine, who famously stated “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

Hipp Kitchen’s commitment is to not only make available delicious meals free of gluten, dairy, peanuts, soy, and shellfish  but, by doing so, to restore our customers to a state of vigor they may never have thought possible. The vision of Hipp Kitchen is a world without chronic illness; a world where people happily avoid the foods they should, knowing they can still enjoy good meals.

A Toast!

Hipp Kitchen’s origins stem upon my meeting Willie Victor, owner of Essentials for Health, in a business networking group. Willie is a nutritionist and she began referring her clients to me for personal chef services. Very soon we both saw what great demand there was for good, allergen-free meals.

We formed Hipp Kitchen to meet that demand.

I look forward to producing many more events, cooking classes, themed dinners, and other experiences for those with food allergies. If you have a suggestion or request for such an event, I invite you to contact me.